Monday, September 17, 2012

A week in illness

Poor Max. The boy has spent the last week trying on every size of illness a little boy could have. It started with fever. Rip roaring. He would wilt, get tylenol, feel great and then wilt 4 hours later. Repeat.

By day 4, the fever died down to just 99-100, but the next day we started in with the vomiting. That lasted a day.

Now we are into full blown asthma exacerbation. He hasn't needed his inhaler in over a year. In fact, the most recent one we could find in the back corner of a drawer expired in 10/10. I had started to think he had outgrown the diagnosis. That would be incorrect.

I got his prescriptions filled on Sunday, and last night he was sucking on that inhaler every 4 hours to quell the wracking coughing fits that woke him up. It would turn them off immediately, and he'd sleep for another 4 hours before we were at it again.

I just feel so bad for the kid. He hasn't felt "good" in over 8 days. He's missed 5 days of school and a week of football. Of all people, I should be able to "fix" him, right? Wrong.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sex Ed, ages 4-9

This post is not for the faint of heart. Husband, you have been warned.

We have all learned some new things today. Leo asked the good ol' Where Do Babies Come From question this evening after school. Since I was alone with the kids, we dove right into it.

Now, I have never been squeamish about this discussion. As Max says "That's because you are a doctor." Maybe. But I am happy to talk about the nitty-gritty any time they have questions. Today, I have learned that even with this history, we could have had a very fun True/False quiz based on their questions/comments.

1) Spencer: "All your half-babies (eggs) were already in your body when you were in grandma."

True. Not sure where he picked this up, but it is absolutely correct. We talked about how they get to make their half-babies later.

2) Calvin: "That's called sperm"

True. Well done

3) Mom: "Do you know how the half-babies end up together so they can start to grow a baby?" Leo: "You put the penis in the 'gina."

True. Soon we will work on getting the front half of that word.

4) Spencer: "Yeah. That's when the daddy pees in the mommy."

False. Very very false. Discussion of the difference ensued.

5) When Leo asked about how the penis gets in there, we talked about erections. An unnamed 7 year old stated: "Oh yeah, we get those ALL THE TIME. Like every time I am nervous."

True, I guess. I really wouldn't know.

6) Leo: "And on a pig, the penis is the butt."

Uhm.... no. No. The penis is not the butt. It is never the butt. He insisted I was wrong, but I really know I am right  on this one. I am, after all, a doctor.

You will noticed there isn't a single statement from the 9 year old. He sat quietly doing his homework. After all was said, he piped up "Guys, you learn a lot more about this is third grade..." Then he put his head back down into his math.

The inventor

Spencer has turned over a new leaf. Ironically, the boy who had such challenges with focus is now my uber-focused inventor dude.

At the cabin a month ago, he HAD to make a can-string telephone. Nevermind we had no empty cans. Or the right string. And he had no idea how to put a hole in the one can we did manage to make available. The boys was unyielding in his need to make this thing. He also make himself a full set of armor (with shield) from a couple paper bags and some boxes.

This weekend, he found 4 old training wheels while dad was cleaning out the garage. By the end of the day, we had a new wagon fashioned out of these 4 wheels, a filing box and 34523 lbs of tape. He then removed the wheels from the old going-in-the-trash car bed frame, and attached those with string ala "cans behind your Just Married" car. He also took a remote control from a long defunct toy and was sure he could take it apart and somehow make it the remote for this beautiful new creation.

Last night it was a robot arm. I don't know all the details, because grandma and grandpa were on duty with the kiddos, but it apparently took the evening's full time and attention.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see this kiddo take to something with focus and gusto. It makes my chest swell a little bit to shush those inner worries and watch the new successes. That's all a mom really wants, right?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Look who's 4

Hard to believe that 4 years ago we had a newborn infant in our life. That seems so very long ago. The bundle of happy that arrived in that little body has been such an amazingly fun, funny and adorable addition to our lives and family.

Leo, you manage to make everyone in this house smile and laugh every single day. You started our your birthday in the hallway, buck naked, dancing and jumping up and down announcing that it was your birthday and "Every present is for ME!!!" And you finished the day with your new pillow pet nightlight shining up at the ceiling with a huge smile on your face even with stinky blankie shoved firmly within it. This is how you live every day - it begins with a dance and a smile and finishes the same (unless you are crying about being moved into another room because you can't stop all your happy talking).

You drive me nuts when I put you on time out because you refuse to be upset. You usually sit on the step or in your room singing a song. If you are in the shower, we know you are still alive because of all the songs and general chatter that are coming forever out of your mouth.

I hope that as you age and find the more difficult parts of this life that you can maintain that smile, that eternal optimism (which seems bizarre to attribute to a 4 year old, and yet, I can). Sure, you have a way of driving your brothers nuts at times, and you have found a little bit of 'tude in the last few months, but my main birthday wish to you is to simply stay as you are. Happy.

Quiche (your request) on the birthday plate

Florida alligator

I won't buy you guns, but who doesn't love a good sword fight with brothers

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And it begins again...

With a heavy sigh, we have started school again.

Many parents I know sang the ol' "Can't WAIT for school to start" refrain in the last few weeks. And I am usually right there with 'em, awaiting the calm that a regular schedule brings. There is only one problem - I LOVED summer this year. We have had such a great run of camps, guests, cabin time, laughs and general silliness that the idea of school, homework, over-scheduled sports and weekends just makes me cry a little tear.

It is still sunny and warm out.... can't we wait just a little bit longer? One more barbeque? One more cabin weekend with tubing? One more night of staying up too late?

No, no we cannot. So this is our traditional photo, taken on our neighbors stoop with 2 of their girls. Leo thinks he is going to school, but that is still another TWO years from now. Poor little dude...

And I am off to work. First day of folders, paperwork galore and homework will fall on my parents and my husband.

Let it begin.