Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don't encourage him

I admit it, I kinda like having a small celebrity for a husband. It's fun when people say "You are married to OMAR?!?!?" when it turns out they are big Surly fans. There is a sense of pride that he is MY man.

But now things have gone too far.

I was getting a cup of coffee the other day, wearing my Surly hat, when the gal ringing me up says "Is that a Surly hat?" Yes, yes it is. That's why it says "Surly" on it...

She then proceeds to ask about whether I went to Darkness Day or not, and how her boyfriend was there, and how he is such a big fan. I said "No, I wasn't able to make it to Darkness Day this year because I was working. But I have been in the past. My husband is actually the founder of Surly."

"REALLY?! Oh, my boyfriend is going to freak out that I met you! Omar's your husband? And he is a doctor, too, right?"


No he is not.

That is me.

I am the doctor.

This is truly getting out of hand....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Everyone knows puppies like to chew on stuff. And not just any stuff. Usually the stuff you mostly don't want them to chew on.

Nyla-bones? How did that company every get big? Ruby looks down her nose at every one of their products with a "you must be kidding" look in her eye. Not that that stopped me from buying every style and texture before abandoning them (Ah ha... THAT's how they stay in business..).

Raw hides are great, but with chompers like this little lady, they last 8 minutes tops. Devoured.

So I was pretty stoked that our Pet Smart turned me on to Bully Sticks. Long, very dried out animal product that Ruby takes DAYS to get rid of, even with very aggressive hours of chewing. I have bought many packages of these now, and had decided they were the chew toy of choice for an Ansari pooch.

Then Omar had to go and look a little more carefully. Small print on the bag "Contains: Bull Pizzle"

So, in other words, we have multiple dried up bull penis's laying around the house in various stages of gnawed consumption.

'Cause that's what this house really needed. More penises.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Omar, these boys are all yours

Sometimes I forget that the genetic material that went into these boys of ours is consistent, consistent stuff. When you look at your own kids every day you see their differences and their unique qualities, not their similarities.

I had to laugh, however, yesterday when I took Max to football practice with brothers in tow. One of his teammates looked into our car after Max had already hit the field and said "Hi Max!" to Calvin. Another kid saw Leo and ran out to Max to say "Your baby brother looks exactly like you!" Max's buddies seemed to think our car full of Ansaris was some sort of cool circus trick.

For example, Leo thinks this is him. It is not:

I will be curious to see what the years do....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Coming soon to a Christmas photo near you!

1) Omar with a large scratch on his nose from a boisterous puppy greeting
2) Leo with a black eye from whacking Clyde's head on the trampoline
3) Calvin with a cut under his eye from a playful game of "punch your brother" by Leo

Seriously, THIS is the week we have our annual photo session scheduled? Really? I think I'm going to buy boxing gloves for the photos and just run with it...