Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Catching up

So, in the process of moving our existence into the basement in preparation for ripping our house apart June 1st, I have to get organized. This means putting all the kids art in SOME home. Usually it is just floating around the house in some sort of perfect entropy.

This made me read over Max's Mother's Day card he made at school. It is so perfect:

"My mom is the most awesome person I know. She is very funny, and blue-eyed. Very tall too. My mom is the best doctor in the world. She reads the best books, and once in awhile, she washes the dishes and makes dinner. She does puzzles with us. Every once in a while. She has friends over to play games. I love my mom!"

This comes with a fantastic Max rendition of me.

This is the stuff that just makes parenting so fantastically wonderful. Even if I only wash the dishes every once in a while...