Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm a Mac

It's official! This post is being brought to you from my new MacBook. Can't you all appreciate the obvious improvement in my graphic quality? 

.... oh, it doesn't just do it by itself....? 

Where's the manual for this thing....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Now THAT's worth bloggin about

As most stay at home mom's will tell you, there really IS a lot that goes on during that day, even if it doesn't seem like much during the dinner-time retelling. We really aren't just sitting around eating bon-bons. Though a dash to Target might not seem like much, I think we are all glad that the toilet paper is purchased.

This morning, Omar asked me why I haven't blogged recently, and then started thinking of the many things I could post about. See, it's not that nothing is happening... it's that blogging requires two free hands and at least 15 free minutes (which is really better spent in the rare shower).

As we were having this conversation, Calvin was doing his usual morning routine of refusing to eat breakfast because he is too engrossed in some activity that requires all his attention. This morning's activity, as it frequently is, was a puzzle. As Omar and I were in the kitchen, stealing one of those sumptuous moments of sipping our coffee while actually talking to each other, we were summoned to the front room by an ecstatic Calvin, eager to show us the 60 piece puzzle he had just completed (this is where I casually mention the size of the puzzle to show that he really is a 3-year old boy genius, without ACTUALLY typing that, because that would be just too psycho-mom).

As he presented the puzzle, Max and Spencer were equally excited, given that they had each placed 2 pieces at the end of the project, therefore being equal partners in the creation. Omar and I both gave the obligitory "Wow! YOU did that? That's amazing! Good job!" Omar then started doling out the high-fives. The level of pride and excitement was palpable in their little jumping, squirming, smiling bodies... and Spencer just couldn't wait to be the 3rd high-five in line. With aim that is usually reserved for something out of America's Funniest Home Videos, Spencer gives dad his own high-five... smack to the nether regions. It wasn't malicious... he just couldn't contain himself.

As Omar folded like a house of cards mid-high-five with Max, Max observed his father's pain and nearly collapsed alongside him in a fit of laughter. Then he declares "Dad just took it in the groin!" All the kids were having trouble breathing through the laughter. I contained my spit-take of hot coffee.... then scurried away to the computer...

Friday, November 14, 2008


...or otherwise known as Happy *&%@#(&* Christmas to you.

This is the Christmas spirit that has been kindled in me after spending the morning with a family photographer. Oh Holy Morning.

We have long known that Spencer is not a big fan of the camera. Ok. Not a problem... we will take the pictures at his best time of day (morning); we will make sure we have all had a great morning and fully bellies (breakfast at Good Day Cafe); we will include their beloved blankets; we will have the pictures taken in our own home.

Should work, right?


From the moment our keisters hit the couch, Spencer was a mess. Laying face down on the sectional, laying face down on the floor, going limp with any attempt at putting him in the frame. Once forced into the picture, lest you think we traded in one of the twins for an infant, there was crying, there were huge tears, there was snot... you know, your ideal family photo fare. Then, Calvin didn't really want Spencer to feel isolated in his sorrow, so he started in as well.

If there was one thing we learned loud and clear, it was this - you can force a kid into a picture, but you sure as hell can't make him smile. We finally resorted to photos with everyone in one tangled mess on the floor, tickling and goofing around. Spencer blessed us with his voluntary physical presence, but he wasn't happy about it. I think the only salvagable shots will be once we dove straight to the bottom of the barrel and went for Fart and Poop jokes... that always slays 'em.

If there is one thing these X-mas photos will show, it is our true family dynamic. Sing it with me... It's the MOST wonderful time, of the year....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Little Leo

Ok, so you may have wondered what is up with Leo. I haven't really posted much about him, there haven't been that many photos....

Why so mum?

Dude, I feel guilty! This kid is THE EASIEST baby ever born. He is happy pretty much all of the time. He did his first 8-hour 'through the night' stretch at ~ 3 weeks old, and he has been sleeping from ~11:30pm until 7am for the past week. He smiles, he laughs, he let me take a 2 hour nap today.

I feel like this information is too incendiary to print! I know at least 3 women with babies older than mine who read this blog... please don't come after me with a butcher's knife. But I have decided that Leo's ego would be best served in the upcoming years if I put at least one blog post documenting his existence in our lives!
So, here's to you little Leo. You are just a fabulous little guy with an awesome smile, a sweet demeanor, and a chill vibe. And you know what, you are going to need it in this house of insanity.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Spencer likes to do things a little differently...

1) He not only likes raw onions, he LOVES them... asks for them
2) After breakfast, he asked for more food. I asked him what he wanted. Tomatoes. Ate half a pint that I plopped down in front of him (thinking he would eat one and move on)

I mean, I can't complain, but has any other 3-year-old done this???

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blogging is hard with a baby

Starting with the most important thought... WHOO-HOO OBAMA!!!!

Ok, now that that is out of my system... You can always tell when I am blogging with Leo in my arms - short entries, mostly pictures. All the things you can easily do with one hand. At the moment, the little bugger is sleeping and all the kids are off to school and pre-k. Ahhhhh....

So here I am, with the Dixie Chicks playing (seems only appropriate with the latest elections results, Commie that I am), typing away. At some point I will manage to get some breakfast and coffee into the deal.
The great irony, of course, is that I really just want to share a bunch of pictures. My wonderful friend Gary was up in Mpls this last weekend, and he joined us (as well as Vince & Paige and Chris & Jen) for a trip to the cabin. He had the fabulous idea of making the leaf pile to beat all leaf piles. The kids were in heaven. Here are some of the best pics:

Max lookin like something from Calvin & Hobbes

Sadie and Max taking the plunge

Gary proving that adults can have fun too

Max showing his lady-killin' future

Omar gets into the mix

3 happy boys

Calvin being tossed

Spencer getting the Gary-throw

Well, in the time it took to do this, Leo has woken, blown out his new outfit, and is now nursing... Ah, maternity leave :-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween weekend

The kids

The neighborhood kids

The Nathan-Mary-Erica smore

Adam at his finest

Jay and Rox stylin