Monday, August 16, 2010


I feel like a terrible daughter for not yet announcing with great joy that my parents are now Minnesotans! They have been unpacking like crazy for the past 3 weeks and are finally happily ensconced in their beautiful new home.

So, how do you say Welcome properly?
How do you say "We are so happy you are here?"
How do you thank them for all they do?
How do you celebrate the first night the boys got to sleep over at the new house?


That's how.

Calvin was at least kind enough to splatter the tile floor, perfectly wedged between two carpeted areas, so I really feel like this was a true success story.

Welcome to Minnesota!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Playing with scissors

This is what is left of the headphones that I work-out with.

And this is a result NOT of Leo playing with the scissors. Yes, he did get his hands on the scissors, but this is what happened when they were removed from the babies' hands. By my husband.

That's right. Omar did this.

Apparently it's safer to leave this scissors with the baby.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Musings from a working mother

And here we go again.

I came back to the cabin after a run, and there is Omar on the couch, reading a magazine in great peace and solitude. The kids are all up in the loft playing HAPPILY together. No whining, no crying, no pawing at dad, no chewing on each other. Just one happy family... as long as I am not there.

This fact really sticks in both O and I's craw. Why can't we all be happy together when we are together? I actually snuck into the cabin so I wouldn't disrupt all this healthy behavior. I sat down silently, putting my finger up to my lips in Omar's general direction, and I stretched like a church mouse.

But then, they saw me.

And then the wheels fell off. Down, down, down they come, "Mommy!!!" Smiles and hugs, yea! Then the "Can you do this with me, can you do that with me, can you read me this book, can you play a game with me, come upstairs we have a show to show you," on and on and on.

When I can't possibly do it all (nor, at that moment did I want to do ANY of it), then the whining begins, the "but you said...." or "please" or "you never (read: just 2 hours ago) do this..." And then I get incredibly frustrated that no one seems to be able to simply continue with what they were doing before I showed up.

So, what is the deal? Is it just a mom thing? Is it a boy-mom thing? Is it just us? This is when I start waxing all philosophical-like about parenting... Does this mean I spend too much time away from them as a working mom, and this is just a sign of them needing more of me in their lives? Or is it that I spend too much time with them, i.e. entertaining them whenever I am around. Do they simply not know how to "be" when I am there because we always "do." Did we have too many kids, and now none of them gets the 1-on-1 attention they deserver? Is it normal, healthy behavior from young boys towards the person they trust and bond with the most? Is is horribly unhealthy, clingy behavior from young boys that need to learn how to entertain themselves? Is it both??? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhghg!

Something tells me I may never actually have the answer to these questions.... But here's to driving myself nuts trying to figure it out anyway.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Yes, one of our babysitters charges an enormous amount of money. She is in her 30's, used to be a nanny and when we come home the house is clean and the laundry is folded.

Can I tell you how much that folded laundry thing meant to me last night?