Monday, December 12, 2011

Someday I'll believe it

I have never been a good exerciser. The idea of just going out for a run or a bike "just cuz" is a phenomenon I truly do not understand. I must have a goal, and aim. In high school, I was very fit due to the fact that I was on the basketball team. When I quit senior year (jerkwad for a coach), I became a slug. Now I am fit because I sign up for races.

But the reality of the matter? I believe I am a slug. This is what I truly think in my inner heart of hearts. I have needed to lose weight in the past, I have become a post-partum mush ball in the past. I simply have come to believe that the fit Becca is the mirage with the chubby one always lurking in the background.

However, I might just have done this triathlon thing long enough now to slowly turn that tide. I have now been consistently exercising for 2.5 years. And my new coach, in the middle of a conversation about my training said "... and you are clearly athletic...."


I am ?

I actually told him that I didn't believe him. And his response? "I wouldn't be you coach if I didn't truly think that."

And then yesterday, I was meeting the mom of one of Spencer's friends and she asked me if I cross-country skied. When I said no, she said "Well what do you do? You clearly do something."


I do?

So maybe, just maybe, I can start to see myself through the eyes of others. If I do that long enough, I might just start seeing it myself.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not Fair

There were tears this morning.

Tears at the great injustices of living in this house.

Cal didn't get any cake. Mind you, this is something that occurred 2 days ago. But I think he saw the clean pan and realized it was gone for good. He didn't eat his dinner, so he didn't get any of the scrumptious chocolate yumminess I had made. At the time, he seemed OK with it.

You see, Cal doesn't eat dinner. He just doesn't find that particular meal to ever be to his liking. This morning, the tears were mixed with the heave sentance "but.... You.... don't.... make.... what... I... Liiiiiiiiiike....booohoohoohoo."

Please picture my face looking completely bored and a little irritated as I watch this scene.

Can you imagine a worse home to live in? I mean, seriously, someone call CPS.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Bliss

This may have been the best weekend I have had in years. Omar and I looked at each other Saturday morning and realized we had nothing on the schedule. NOTHING. This simply never happens. There is always a beer thing or a nice 8hrs of ER, or a cabin trip, or a this or a that.

Max had skiing, but that was it.

It was so completely lovely. Omar and I decided it was time to cook ourselves silly. Yesterday's concoctions included:

- Turkey noodle soup
- Brisket Chili
- Prep for my favorite breakfast Sunday, Chiliquiles.
- Chicken Marsala with Orzo
- Braised Broccoli Rabe
- Flourless chocolate cake with Molten lava top

As we cooked, fluffy snow started to fall and the kids piled outside to sled in the back yard. We put a fire in the fire place and got the tunes pumping. We then fed the final 3 items on that food list to our dear friends who have unfortunately been dealing with TWO broken wrists from one snowboarding fall. That's right, BOTH of the wrists.

We are not above Surly through a straw.

Today, we pretty much beached ourselves with the kids and watched the Vikings get one stop closer to a high draft pick. Sometimes, life is just awesome.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Prepare your stomachs

Ok, I know they say it can happen to any family. I know they say that it has nothing to do with hygiene. I know that most of my friends have gone through this at one time or another. But in 39 years of living on this planet, I have never dealt with this.

School Nurse: "Hi Rebecca. Max just came into the office and said a bug fell off his head."
Me: ".... uh...."
School Nurse: "So I did take a look and he has lice."
Me: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggh!!!! (Shutter, spit out my coffee, convulse) No no no no no no no......"

So, after vomiting a little in my mouth, I picked him up from school, learned the ins and outs of shampooing and nit picking, and had the pleasure of calling all of my family AND the friend who had him over for a sleepover last week. That, by the way, is a really fun phone call. Did I mention this kid has the longest hair of any of Max's friends? Of course he does. And, of course, it was just Thanksgiving - that annual time of gathering with family and friends to share infestations.

Then Cal and Spence came home from school. "Please dear lord, let them be in the clear... please please please."

No such luck.

This is what my bathroom floor looked like 20 minutes later.

Crew cuts are the new black, don't ya know? And I still have to pick through the little bit of hair that is left looking for EGGS of lice. So, so, so, so gross.

Omar's silver lining to this? He finally got to shave his head again despite my previous protestations, and he found something that even I think is disgusting.