Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jimminy Crickets!

How busy can one little life get??? I gotta say, when my day is so full that I think of the post that I will write only to find that the day is too full to write it, THAT's when you know you are just too damn busy.

In the last few weeks we have had Mother's day, Omar and his mom's birthday, the twins birthday, our anniversary, endless miles on my bike, in my suit and in my running shoes, Omar's endless miles training for the Twin Cities Marathon, two jobs to tend to, and, oh yes, we also have 4 kids.

My Half Ironman is coming up on July 24th, and I am REALLLY looking forward to August. August is going to be so completely fantastic! No more race training, the work schedule will be calmer, my brother and his family will be here for 2 weeks, I will get up to the cabin, my wonderful friends the McClusky's and Gary might be here for a weekend. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

But let us not forget the 10th Anniversary trip that is just a mere 3 days away!!! Omar and I leave for 2 weeks to trek through the Alps sans children on Sunday, mad largely possible by the Grandma and Grandpa babysitting duo. My brother and his wife meet up with us in Geneva, and I might just explode with happiness/relief when my butt hits the airplane seat. Omar and I had to pay a babysitter just to carve out the time to hit REI for our gear shopping. At the risk of having the credit card company refuse the charges, we had a blast. Kids in a candy store, I tell ya.

So, that's the latest. Not really funny, or particularly interesting. But it is our life at this snapshot in time. And that's why we write it down, right?