Saturday, August 30, 2008

What do you say??!? - Part two (payback)

Ok, if you aren't a parent, feel free to not read this, given that it will only make you think even more firmly that those who have children are obscessed with poo. The reality is that the KIDS are obscessed with it, and it is impossible to not have multiple stories that inevitably involve the bathroom. It is also the kind of story that will make my husband wonder why he ever married someone willing to post something like this on a blog.

I refer you to my earlier post of the same name for one example. This is what I get for laughing at the unfortunate conditions of others...

Yesterday, I took all 3 kids to the zoo at 38 1/2 weeks pregnant, thinking it would have to induce labor, right? Well, after a cup of coffee and a lot of walking, it only induced much more mundane biological needs. Max is old enough that I could leave him on a playground outside the bathroom, but the twins had to be dragged into the bathroom with me. And I don't mean just the bathroom itself. They need to be in the stall with me. Imagine a postage stamp sized stall with 2 three year olds and a very pregnant woman. This is the ensuing conversation that takes place in a bathroom filled with people:

Calvin: Ooh, you went poopy! GOOD JOB MOMMY!
Me: Thank you Calvin....
Spencer: EeeeeeW! Mommy, dat's stinky!
Calvin: Yeah, that's stinky.
Spencer: I wanna flush it.
Calvin: No I wanna flush it.
Calvin: It's still there.
Spencer: I wanna flush it again.
Me: Boys, please turn around, let's go..... (shielding my face like Michael Jackson's kids as we walk out).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks dad!

You will rarely see my father without a camera around his neck, at least if there are grandkids within a 100mile radius. Due to this, I actually have a few fabulous pics of my kids. Here are the latest that help remind me that the twins ARE cute... I will make a point of looking at these photos each day when I feel my hands are near the point of closing around their necks...

(Spencer top, Calvin bottom)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A moment of peace

The twins are down for nap.

My husband is snoring on the couch.

Max is patiently waiting for me to say we can go watch some Olympics together.

I am sitting in the front room with the laptop, surfing some sites....

Sweet lord, the silence is nice. Good thing we are going to stir that up good and plenty in the very near future....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pregnancy psychosis

Ah, the morning breeze this morning has just a bit of a cool bite to it. I have started to see a few leaves here and there look a bit yellower than they were last week. I have my list of things Max will need to start kindergarten in 13 days... In other words, fall (a.k.a the season of delivery for this child) is a-comin.

Let the psychosis begin.

It is officially Omar's least favorite part of pregnancy. The "I know I am only 37weeks, but that means 'term,' so I really COULD go any day now!" stage. Now, let's recap. Max - 4 days overdue. Twins ("Oh, twins always go early!") - evicted at 38 weeks with not even the teeny-tiniest sign of labor impending. Combined weight on that one? 13 1/2 pounds.

So, why would I possibly think this kid is going to show up any time soon? Because pregnany women go officially insane from 37 weeks until the baby is born. Granted, this could go on for a full 4 weeks. I am trying to temper it, since next week's schedule includes zero daycare (JCC closed for the week), Omar leaving town for 24 hours for a beer gig in Chicago, and a grandma who is going to be hard pressed to leave Oklahoma on short notice.

And yet, I can't turn it off. Any little twinge and I am instantly wondering "Is today THE day!?!?" with a little smile on my face. My non-hormonally imbalanced husband can just sit and shake his head....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

.... and we're back

Nothing like 2 weeks vacation to put a blog in some serious jeopardy of falling off anyone's Favorites list! But, now we are back and normal life can resume... at least for the 3 weeks until this baby is due.

The cabin was lovely. We had a bit of time spent unexpectedly on Max's dentition. That black tooth he has had for ~1.5 years decided it was time to cause trouble. After xray's in Deerwood confirmed an abscess above the tooth, we came home and got set up for an extraction. He was a total champ! He was far more bothered by the lingering numb sensation that anything during the process. That whiff of nitrous sure did the trick. His new smile looks a little like this.

My folks and my brother's family arrived for week two, and we had a blast swimming, boating, fishing and hangin out.
Now, it's back to work with a big belly and an impending kiddo. We can only hope for a boy so we can turn this beautiful moment into a trio....