Saturday, February 12, 2011

LIttle yellow spots

This is how I know that the boys have, yet again, tried their hand and standing while going to the bathroom.

And as long as I continue to see these spots on the toilet seat (blech!), I will continue to be the evil toilet dictator and insist that all people under the age of 22 sit down to pee.

What I don't understand is this. What is the complete and utter fascination with standing to pee? Is it really that great of an experience? Is this life pleasure one that 50% of the population are robbed of every single day? Do I just not get it? I mean, granted, I have never been given the option to have my own personal water gun while urinating, but seriously. I have played with water guns. They aren't that exciting.

Even Leo, who just started the process of even knowing what the toilet is for, is trying to get in the game. Nevermind that his necessary parts don't even approach the proper altitude. As with many things in Leo's world, being 2 is a simple inconvenience that isn't about to slow him down.

So when my boys grow up to be labeled nancy-boys for sitting down to pee, I guess they can take it up with their therapists. Or, just stop peeing on the seat. That would work too.