Friday, October 29, 2010

Not a total ogre

The last time Tomkin and Julie came over, they brought ice cream sundae makings. This resulted in Redi-whip shooters for the kids, solidly locking Tomkin and Julie as some of the best ever friends we have.

Last night, in a reprisal of the same idea, looked a little something like this...

Spencer first, Leo captivated

Calvin next

Max more than happy to be third

And Leo wasn't about to be left out.

And yes, my kids refuse to wear PJ tops.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

One lego

We are at an age when having MORE children in the house actually makes things easier. The crew that 5 minutes prior was so bored is now filled with invention, imagination and joy once the friends arrive. They happily skitter upstairs with sounds of great happiness filling the previously whine-filled air. So there was great hope for the evening last night when our neighbors with 3 kids came over for dinner.

All was going well, the kids were upstairs playing with toys that had previously been collecting dust. Objects of disdain were now ripe with new-found interest. Legos became fantastic again for one shining moment. We had at least 21 minutes of relative peace.

Then came "the blaster."

Now let me be clear. We have one kerchillion legos. All boys can build for hours (in theory) without trouble. That is, unless two of my sons want the same piece. The same piece in a pile of endless possibilities, shapes forms and sizes.

The blaster was needed by all. Compromise was not a possibility. Tears were shed. Body tone was lost. Time outs were had. Parents teeth were gnashed. Adult fists were raised to the heavens.

Just another night in paradise.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stitches are in the hiz-ouse!

I have been a mother of boys for 8 years now. The fact that I had not previously had to deal with a single stitch is rather unbelievable (that's if you don't count the stitches Max probably should have had but now has a large scalp scar instead).

So, of course, we were out of town when Spence went head-long into the coffee table. I asked the babysitter to text me a picture of his forehead... that sucker wasn't even borderline. There was NO question that he needed stitches (7 of them, in the end). Omar's poor mother inherited the duty of taking this bleeding child to the hospital and holding his hand. Second ER visit for the little chap in the past 2 months.

And the grim reality of my momma-guilt for not being there? I have absolutely on doubt that Spencer did better WITHOUT me. He was, apparently, a complete champ. No freaking, screaming, crying or melting down.


That is one way to mess with my head.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I could teach a class on Stubborn. Just ask my brother. He spent 16 years living with me. Then go ask my husband. He's working on year number 11... (though I DO think I have improved with time. I actually can speak the words "I'm sorry, I was wrong" now. I don't think my brother EVER heard those words).

So, can it really come as a surprise when I have a kid who throws Stubborn back at me. OOooooohh, I wanted to box Calvin's ears this morning when I got another 2-hour tour of No.

"Calvin, your iPad time is over." --- "Let me just finish this one thing..."
"Calvin, time to get dressed." --- "But I don't want to get dressed."
"Calvin, let's eat at the big table with Leo." --- No.
"Calvin, can you help your little brother with that." --- "But mom, I'm busy."

He's got his own agenda and schedule, and I am REALLY crimpin' his style with all my unreasonable requests... You know, like putting on underwear.

If this if 5yrs old, what is 15 going to look like??

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I must say, if I was going to choose a religion, it would be Judaism.

And this has nothing to do with the theology. It has everything to do with the holidays! Sweet mercy, there are a lot of high holy days! How do I know? Because of alllllll the days this past month when I didn't have childcare at the Jewish Community Center.

Yes, I know, this is a rather selfish way of viewing something so sacred, but of the 22 workdays in September, 9 of them were holidays. NINE! That is one REALLY holy month.

So, now we are to October. I have the first day off without one or more children home with me in over a month. AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

My massive To Do list has already been viciously slashed! Next up? Lunch and a run. I might even read a chapter of my book at the local coffee house before the bus comes. I know, I'm a maniac! heehehe