Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New favorite pic

How delicious is this little guy, huh?


Legs of lead.

That's what that 4 mile run was. Oof.

Why does it sometimes feel so clunky? I know I looked like one of those people that you drive past and think "wow, is that supposed to be running?"

Some days you got it, some days you don't...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting old stinks

And no, I am not complaining about myself. I, though older, still feel pretty darn young and spry.

However, after having lunch with my dear, wonderful 97-year-old grandmother, I realize that being 97 is just a bit of a drag. As she shuffled off to the dining hall at her assisted living, her stooped body pushing her walker forward, she said to herself "Now, stand up straight Virginia..." but the words were as far as that desire went. Standing up straight isn't an option any more.

We had a lovely lunch, which she insisted on buying for me, and if her memory would just click back into shape, she really would be just as sharp as the day I was born. But those minute to minute details are just lost somewhere in translation. That portion of the brain is like one of those windmills at Putt Putt... every once in a while, information will get through and hit the mark, but most bounce back, deflected from any permanent sticking point. I remind her of where my folks are (Italy), of how many kids I have (4) and what I did yesterday. We repeat that a couple of times during each visit. I ask her questions about the days she remembers clearly, back when memory was just a given. She still has a great sense of humor and thankfully doesn't have much pain. But her days consist mostly of meals and sitting in her chair. She has made it clear that though her life has been so full and wonderful, she is ready for the day that it comes to an end. Not in a morose way, but just accepting.

So here is to living our lives to the fullest with each day we have. Realize that a sound mind and body are truly gifts that we regularly take for granted. Love you, grandma.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another reason to love the 'hood

As I sit on the floor stretching, sweat still glistening on my body, I am proud to announce that I have just run the second furthest distance ever in my life. I pulled off 10 miles YEARS ago, before children or the number 3 started my age. But today, I have run 7.2 miles. This is longer than the 6mile distance that has kept me from even entertaining the idea of entering an Olympic distance triathlon. It is only .8 miles shy of the partial marathon I have entered with my family in October.

And you know what? It wasn't that bad.

I have finally hit a point where the cardiovascular part of running isn't the limiting factor. I felt the same at mile 1 as I did at mile 7, and that is something I never really knew was possible. Sure, my feet and legs felt a little different, but that's never been the part I HATED about running. It was more the chest-heaving, side-cramping, air-sucking part.

The funny thing? In this wacked-out crazy fit neighborhood of mine, running 7 miles is like bragging that I managed to shower and put my underwear on correctly. Between the triathletes, Ironwomen and marathon runners, I am just bringing up the rear. But how great is that? If I was surrounded by TV-dinner eating, couch potatoes, I would hurt my shoulder patting myself on the back for running 3 miles. But this gang keeps me pushing. Keeps me inspired.

So here's to all my fit friends and family! I'll see you all in the old folks home in our 90's!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Picture Day

Now that I have 3 kids in school, there is a lot of paper and general c-rap that has to be dealt with on a daily basis. One of those things, of late, is Picture Day forms. I am usually found staring at the 430,234 different permutations of wallet, 3x5, 5x7, 8x10 and class photos with a glassy-eyed look wondering if just wanting one solitary copy of these silly pictures makes me a bad mother.

Tonight was the night to get this done. And I was completely stoked to see that there was an online option for ordering. If I can accomplish something without having to pick up pen and paper, the chances of getting done will skyrocket. When you add to this that those papers then have to make it into 3 backpacks and arrive at the right place by the right day....? Sketchy at best. I know, this doesn't get me any closer to Mother of the Year, but that's the reality of life in the Ansari house...

So, I finished with the online form. I was feeling all smug that I could cross that little ditty off my To Do list. Then the final screen pops up.

"Print this Photo Voucher. YOUR CHILD MUST HAVE THIS PIECE OF PAPER ON PICTURE DAY to have pictures taken."

Really? See, cause, I did this whole online thing to avoid that! Don't you now have record (not to mention my credit card number) to assure this could be paperless? What is the point of online ordering if you still have to return a form with the kid?


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cut bait

Ok, I keep not posting because I feel like there is SOOOOO much I have to catch up on. This is exactly the kind of mentality that caused my last diary entry to be in 1988. It's been a busy 22 years, so it's tough get the schedule clear enough for that monster entry.

So, in an effort to not ice this blog until 2032, here's the Cliff note version to allow me to just hit the reset button:

1) The McClusky and Nicholas brigade returned for the now-annual end o' summer frolic in Lone Lake. It rocked. I love these guys. There are too many pictures to post. But these give you the general idea:

2) My 2 five-year-old's started Kindergarten. And though I was living in fear that there could be some grade-A, last-minute cold feet, the monumental melt-down that was lurking in my mind never came to pass. I didn't have to push either of their tear soaked, boneless bodies onto the bus with a sheepish smile and thumbs-up to the driver. They hopped happily on board so fast the only picture I got was of the back of their heads. Good thing, since I have lost those photos in my temporary idiocy of over-jamming my hard drive and loosing data before having someone rip my lap top open to install 650GB of memory. Well played, I know... I'm sure not having pictures of the first day of kindergarten for 50% of my kids will NEVER come back to haunt me in some future family therapy session...

3) My folks hit the cabin with us for Labor Day, and this was 2 days after my mom had somewhat surprise laproscopic knee surgery. Way to be a trooper Mom!

3) I have started yoga. This has reminded me that the days of cheerleading limberness are FAR behind me. No pictures of that, thank god...

4) Leo turned 2!! What a fantastically little joy that boy is in our lives. Unfortunately the Vikings weren't kind enough to give Leo on win for his birthday.

Ok. DONE! I am caught up. Now I can return to the day to day nonsense that makes this life fun. Like Spencer announcing yesterday "I didn't close the door when I went inside because my poopy was already coming out, but it DIDN'T get on my clothes! (huge proud grin)." Now THAT's the stuff that makes this baby sing!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Give it up for MARY!

So, my friend Mary was publicly saying she would like to finish her first (note I didn't say ONLY) Ironman somewhere between 12-14 hours.

Now, if you know Mary, you know this is the save face answer. The "I am trying to not completely shoot myself in the foot" answer. But even she was able to let some folks know that she would really like to rock this race. She has prepared SO HARD for this.


She rocked it. She ROCKED it!

So this blog has finally been resuscitated to sing to the rafters this refrain: Mary, you are a wonderful, beautiful, AMAZING Ironman!!!