Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bring on the wrecking ball

This is the week. On Wednesday they start tearing apart the kitchen and main living area of our house. We moved much (but not all) of the kitchen into the bar area in the basement yesterday.

The problematic part of this plan is the "but not all." So this is how my morning went at 5:15am getting ready to go to work.

Go to basement, make coffee.
Go upstairs to get bagel.
Go to basement to put bagel in toaster.
(dry hair)
Wash coffee mug upstairs
Go to basement to fill mug with coffee and get bagel
Go upstairs for cream and cream cheese
Scratch head and come up with creative solution of how to stir coffee and spread cream cheese without silverware.

The nice thing about this? Living in the basement, once everything is down there, is going to seem nice!

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